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Roselyn Teukolsky

Roselyn Teukolsky was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1948, and graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1968 with a B.Sc. in Math and Chemistry. In 1976 she graduated from Cornell University with an M.S. in Mathematical Education. She was a teacher of Math and Computer Science for 40 years, 30 of which were spent at Ithaca High School in Upstate New York. Teukolsky retired from teaching in 2010. She lives in Ithaca, New York, with her husband, Saul Teukolsky.

Teaching awards


Teukolsky has always enjoyed writing, and has now taken it up full time. Several of her books are test preparation manuals for Barron's Educational Series.

Barron's Books

  • How To Prepare For the AP Computer Science Exam in C++. (2001).
  • How To Prepare For the AP Computer Science Exam in Java. (2003).
  • AP Computer Science A, 7th Ed. (2015). (8th Ed. coming soon!)
  • SAT 2400: Aiming for the Perfect Score. (2005), with co-author Linda Carnevale.
  • SAT 1600: Aiming for the Perfect Score, 6th Ed. (2017), with co-author Linda Carnevale.
  • ACT Math and Science Workbook, 3rd Ed. (2017).
  • Bridge Writing

    Tournament bridge is one of Teukolsky's favorite hobbies, and she has enjoyed writing about the trials, tribulations, disasters and occasional triumphs of bridge players. From 1991 - 2003 she was a regular bridge columnist for Bridge Today and the American Contract Bridge League Bulletin. In 1991 she wrote a semi-fictional book How to Play Bridge With Your Spouse and Survive! (Granovetter Press, 1991). The book was re-issued by MasterPoint Press in 2002.

    Current Projects

    Teukolsky, who taught for many years, has a treasure trove of weird and wonderful teaching stories. She wrote a novel, The Teacher's Tale, about a thirty-three year old math teacher, Jessica Todd, who has a roller-coaster year in a new school, and also in her personal life.

    Next came a mystery novel,Uneasy Lies the Head, set in Ithaca, New York, where Teukolsky lives. It features middle-aged, hard-boiled detective Carrie Bindhammer. Teukolsky appreciates the diabolical possibilities offered by Cornell University, and the passions unleashed by prima donnas in power. Teukolsky's next novel, which is on submission, is a psychological thriller called Watching. The plot involves a young performance artist who comes to New York City and is trailed by a rogue videographer. Teukolsky's 4th novel, Girl Misfired, is about a woman who tries to track down her husband, who disappeared several years earlier. Disaster ensues. Teukolsky is currently working on Con Man, which features a not-so-lovable rogue.

    Teukolsky's inspiration comes from reading some spectacular mysteries and thrillers. She's a great fan of Tana French, P.D. James, and Henning Mankel, for example.